Wish I didn’t give our cannabutter to the neighbor. I would be baking brownies now for tomorrow. 😫


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

Leah Laczny aka @leehaa contributed her “Kingdom of the Dinosaurs” piece to the #yarnbomb from #Wisconsin. Im so psyched to hear your husband is now inspired to learn to #brochet in order to try #yarnbombing. Parkbenches do make for a perfect target. Just ask @knitsforlife.

Thank you for joining in with artists from 35 countries and 49 states. You are now officially a member of the #Yarnbomb Collaborative!!! 
For info on the project and the artists, go to Yarnbomber.com. #yarn #yarnbomb #yarnbombing #knit #knitting #crochet #crafts #santabarbara #losangeles #california #installationart #collaborativeart #artproject #fiberart #streetart  (at Yarnbomb Processing Center)

Omg. This is too cute!

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Black Bean, Sweet Potato, & Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers.
Get the recipe here » http://bit.ly/1hA3UER
Starting making this cowl about 2 years ago. I totally did not count the stitches while crocheting. It was lop sided. Can’t really tell in this picture (the whole cowl before I destroyed it was about 2 skeins deep, ouch.)

Now time to restart something new. I’ve been destroying a lot of my items lately. Hmm. What’s wrong with me?! 😣

I gotta tell my mom about the Michael’s incident when she gets back for her vacay.

We don’t have a Michael’s on the island but she gets me things & ships it to me. Ay.

Michaels Stores Says Up To 3 Million Cards Affected in Data Breach - NBC News


If you shop with your debit/credit card at Michaels (or anywhere, really), make sure you keep an eye on your bank statement and report any charges you didn’t make! We were personally affected by the Target breach last year, and it’s not a fun ordeal! Luckily our bank (and a couple of websites) were very helpful and easy to work with. Just make sure you always check your bank statements!

This article says the breach occurred between May 8, 2013 and January 27. So check your statements if you shopped there within those dates!


I was cruisin in our old hood (yesterday) & found this.

Made with just a few ingredients, these deviled egg chicks may be the cutest Easter appetizer of all: http://to.pbs.org/1hPcyob